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People In America for the Arts. Stimulating Local, State, and Federal Advocacy for the Arts

People In America for the Arts. Stimulating Local, State, and Federal Advocacy for the Arts

Action-Oriented Research in order to make a full case for the Arts

Building Stronger Communities Through the creative Arts One Person at any given time

Forging Strategic Alliances that Propel the creative Arts Forward as a remedy

Offering Programs and Initiatives to assist you in your projects being a creative Arts Leader

Reports & Information

  • Clinical Tests & Publications
    • People in the us for the Arts Publications
    • Arts & Economic Prosperity 5
    • Arts Index
    • Arts Social Impact that is + Explorer
    • Business Contributions to your creative Arts: 2018 Edition
    • Innovative Industries
    • Nationwide Arts Management and Policy Publications Database
    • Brand New Community Visions Initiative
    • Local Arts Agency Profile
    • Monographs
    • Public Advice Poll
    • Research One-Pagers
  • Legislation & Policy
    • What’s Arts Policy?
    • Legislative Problem Center
    • Aspen Seminar for Leadership into the Arts
    • Nationwide Arts Policy Roundtable
    • Nationwide Initiative for Arts & wellness when you look at the army
    • State Policy Pilot Program
  • Toolkits & Directories
    • Arts Services Directories
    • Local Arts Fast Response Kit
    • Nationwide Cultural Districts Exchange Toolkit
    • pARTnership motion Toolkits
    • YouthArts Toolkit

Networks & Councils

  • Sites Overview
  • Arts Education System
  • Arts and Company Council of the latest York
  • Appearing Management System
  • Local Arts System
  • Personal Sector Network
  • Public Art System
  • State Arts Action Network
  • United Arts Funds
  • United States Of America Urban Arts Federation

Services & Training

  • ArtsU – Training & Pro Developing
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    • Workshops and Personalized Training
  • Services for Your Company
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    • Tools for Local Arts Development
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Shining the limelight on Arts products and Advocacy operate in States Across America

Personal Change

Arts and culture promote understanding and action on problems dealing with our communities plus the globe.