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In this manner, you can easily entirely avoid contact that is belly-to-belly.

In this manner, you can easily entirely avoid contact that is belly-to-belly.


Also referred to as “doggie style,” this place is definitely advocated good place for overweight partners. Back entry is certainly not without its disadvantages, nonetheless. In the event that guy’s penis is very brief, or if perhaps your ex interior structure is put at an angle that is unusual it might be literally impossible for a couple of to copulate through the rear. It can also be difficult on a overweight female’s knees if you don’t on a sleep. Nonetheless, many partners swear because of it, in addition to measurements of a lady’s buttocks and legs does not seem to impact the situation.

The lady kneels regarding the sleep along with her feet somewhat aside, and lowers her chest to ensure her behind is elevated. The man can readily insert his penis from the rear by kneeling behind her, and holding his stomach up with his hand at the same time. He is able to additionally sleep their stomach in the female’s buttocks making it easier for him to carry on their intimate thrusts throughout sexual intercourse.


This place, called after having a famous surgeon-gynecologist, is a modified rear-entry position for circumstances in which the girl is overweight therefore the guy just isn’t. The lady begins by lying using one part as she attracts her top leg upward so that the leg regarding the leg that is upper opposite the hip of her reduced leg. She is made by this position vagina readily available from slightly above and behind. The guy kneels behind her, with one leg for each part of her right leg, and makes entry through the back at a small part angle. If necessary, they can raise their human anatomy somewhat in the shape of a pillow below each leg.


Lying down in your corner, turn your self around which means that your partner’s mind reaches the feet, and vice versa.